Many Americans do not take care of their health. Over 36.5 percent of the population is classified as obese, leading to health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. It is even more important today to take care of your health and optimize how you care for your body.

Anosh Ahmed, an aspiring physician from Chicago, Illinois, shares the best ways to take care of your body and the many resources of which you can take advantage to prioritize your health.

Control Your Body Weight

Anosh Ahmed believes that the most important method to help you achieve optimal health is by…

Anosh Ahmed

Dr. Anosh Ahmed is a practicing internal medicine physician and active member of his local community. Despite his success in the medical field, he has always taken a keen interest in the business landscape. Prior to completing medical school, he owned and operated various important/ export businesses, nightclubs, and restaurants. As a thriving entrepreneur he attributes much of his success to his outstanding work ethic and attention to detail.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed obtained a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership before attending medical school. He eventually completed his Internal Medicine Residency at Mount Sinai Hospital.

He is currently focused on several…

Anosh Ahmed Explains Different Career Opportunities in Real Estate

The real estate industry has created opportunities for millions of people. Anosh Ahmed is a big believer in this industry, and he thinks there are enough opportunities for everyone to be happy. You will need training for most of these opportunities, but it shouldn’t be substantial.

For example, you could take photographs, and that requires practicing the art and science of photography. You could even do the walk-through for various houses and inspections for them too. Either way, there are many things you can do to make your path in this industry a happy one.

Real Estate Investor

One of the first things…

No matter whether you are a novice investor or a seasoned professional, it can be difficult to know when is the best time to buy real estate. There are many factors that go into this decision, including price movements, supply and demand, and local economic conditions. The guidelines are also different when you are investing in residential versus commercial real estate.

Anosh Ahmed shares his guide to the best times to buy real estate in both the commercial and residential markets.

Factors That Affect Real Estate Prices

Influences that make a difference in the housing market include the size of the population, the income of local…

When beginners decide that they want to invest in the stock market, they are frequently confused about starting. The world of stocks and investing is complex, and it pays to have a solid information base before leaping into investment.

Anosh Ahmed shares the top ten online resources that will help even the most novice investors get their bearings and build a foundation for success. Both free and paid options are listed.

Free Options

1. Investopedia: How to Start Investing in Stocks — A Beginner’s Guide

This eight-part tutorial introduces the basic concepts that can help you understand how the stock market operates. The course introduces different types of investments, building your portfolio, and tailoring…

The rise of COVID-19 marks the 2020 stock market. Because of the pandemic, the economy experienced an excruciatingly quick decline. While the market has broadly recovered since then, many people wonder what the market will look like in 2021. Anosh Ahmed has been part of the business world since he was a teenager and had a unique look at the emerging economy.

The Impact of The Pandemic

Some experts are comparing the 2020 stock market to 2009. Since March 23rd, trading activity is very similar to the index’s price movements over a decade ago. …

Anosh Ahmed

Anosh Ahmed is a practicing internal medicine physician. An active member of his local community and is currently focused on several real estate projects.

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