Anosh Ahmed Focuses on 2021 Stock Market Predictions

The Impact of The Pandemic

Some experts are comparing the 2020 stock market to 2009. Since March 23rd, trading activity is very similar to the index’s price movements over a decade ago. Because of the rallying markets from March, this historical performance is worth noting alongside the rest of this unusual time.

The Future of The Stock Market

2021 looks promising for several reasons. With the continuation of vaccines available, earnings are expected to rebound. The 2021 stock market is predicted to have significant shifts in market leadership.

Playing It Safe

Investing In The Market

For first-time investors, there are several factors to consider when just starting. Regardless of what year it is, the importance of knowing value is key.

The Market Is Changing

2021 has brought several critical changes to the market. Since the vaccine, the economy is once again picking up. Companies across the spectrum are coming back with more shops opening and the decrease of necessary social distancing precautions. The political change has also impacted what stocks to focus on. By concentrating on environmental avenues and energy investments, this year will likely be a lucrative one.



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Anosh Ahmed

Anosh Ahmed

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Anosh Ahmed is a practicing internal medicine physician. An active member of his local community and is currently focused on several real estate projects.