Anosh Ahmed Shares 10 Excellent Tools to Help Beginners Learn About the Stock Market

Anosh Ahmed
4 min readJun 24, 2021


When beginners decide that they want to invest in the stock market, they are frequently confused about starting. The world of stocks and investing is complex, and it pays to have a solid information base before leaping into investment.

Anosh Ahmed shares the top ten online resources that will help even the most novice investors get their bearings and build a foundation for success. Both free and paid options are listed.

Free Options

1. Investopedia: How to Start Investing in Stocks — A Beginner’s Guide

This eight-part tutorial introduces the basic concepts that can help you understand how the stock market operates. The course introduces different types of investments, building your portfolio, and tailoring it to your situation. The articles also cover the concept of diversification and how you can apply it to protect your assets. Basic finance concepts like dividends and compounding are covered along with more technical terminology.

2. TD Ameritrade General Investment Portal

TD Ameritrade is one of the oldest low-cost brokerages. Its website has a comprehensive online education program with analysis, videos, and articles. You can learn about investment basics, varying account types and run a simulation of your online portfolio before committing any actual money to investment accounts.

3. Yahoo! Finance App and Website

Yahoo! Finance is one of the oldest and most established finance resources online. It offers an app and a website that you can use on your PC or on the go. The streamlined interface is great for both new and experienced investors. Using this website, you can create a personalized set of funds and stocks. The website will create a news feed for you and supply stock quotes. The site also offers easy-to-read company reports. From stocks to mutual funds, the different types of investments are all fully explained with up-to-date news items about current events.

4. The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool presents excellent free resources to stock investors with all levels of experience. The site’s beginners section has a wide variety of articles introducing the stock market in easily understandable terms. The site also contains analysis and recommendations for more experienced traders. Since the website has been around for 25 years, it has built an impressive level of credibility.

5. The Money Tree Investing Podcast

The Money Tree is an excellent podcast for beginning stock investors. The podcast covers a huge variety of investment-related topics, and it frequently recommends books and other resources for more information. You can listen to this podcast on iTunes or through their website.

6. Investment Classroom from

This website requires a free membership to get started with the library. It contains a variety of useful courses that will help you become savvy in many investment topics. The website teaches new investors to plan for the long term through the study of business fundamentals.

Paid Courses

7. Udemy’s Stock Market from Scratch for Complete Beginners

This course offers users a basic understanding of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and other investment avenues. It explains how the stock market works and how investors can get started. It explains the difference between fundamental and technical analysis and why each method is useful. It also contains a section on choosing the right broker. The course costs $22.99, on sale from $139.99.

8. Warrior Trading’s Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro

Warrior Trading offers courses for experienced investors as well as novices. The courses provide a structured learning experience that is designed to teach them everything they need to know. The courses can help you build a strong foundation upon which to start your portfolio and experience growth. The lessons also include access to stock simulators. Warrior Starter costs $997 for the first month and $197 per month afterward.

9. Investors Underground

Investors Underground is targeted toward novice day traders. The course includes a comprehensive overview of day trading and how your portfolio can be manipulated to produce a maximum profit at a minimum level of risk. The course consists of a comprehensive education library with the basics of stock investment and more advanced articles.

10. Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders offers basic and premium memberships. The site offers help from experienced mentors as well as a continuing education section. The site also focuses on trading psychology, an important consideration when beginners are trying to understand how stock movements work. The course costs $99 per month for the basic version and $199 for the elite version.

Learning About the Markets

With these ten online resources at your disposal, you will find it easier to formulate an understanding of investment concepts. Anosh Ahmed wants beginners to have a comprehensive understanding of what they are getting into before putting their hard-earned money in the markets. Fortunately, these ten free and paid online resources can impart knowledge that most people would not be able to discover on their own.



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